Why choose a Wet Room?

Why choose a Wet Room? Wet rooms provide the perfect solution for the elderly and those with mobility concerns as they are completely level, free from obstacles that require you to manoeuvre around or step into such as a shower cubicle or bathtub.

Our wet rooms can be fit into smaller bathrooms, which makes this an extremely cost-effective and space-saving solution. A wet room comprises of a slip-resistant waterproof floor that drains away the water so there is no need for a shower tray.

Below we state the 6 benefits of transforming your current bathroom into a wet room; so that you can maintain your independence at home without the worry of a slip, trip, or fall.

  • Ideal for Wheelchair users
  • Easily Customisable for your style and budget
  • Safe Access with no obstacles
  • Practical and Long lasting
  • Promotes Independence
  • Easily maintained and hygienic

Wet rooms offer a safe, easily accessible, practical, and spacious environment which is perfect to promote independence with our choice of grab rails, shower systems, shower screens, and shower seating. However, if you do require carer assistance, this is why you should choose a wet room to enable enough space for safe additional help that you may require when bathing or showering.

In particular, our half-height safety screens are a popular choice for safe and easy accessibility for a carer to assist, whilst containing the water in the area.

As well as being extremely practical and safe, our wet rooms and our walk-in showers complement each other perfectly. You don’t have to compromise on style when you choose an Assisted Living bathroom. We have options to suit every style, requirement, and budget. See examples of our walk-in-shower packages here. 

What type of floor is best for a wet room?

We use trusted and experienced in-house bathroom fitters and we are specialists in slip-resistant wet room flooring.  You can be confident that our slip-resistant wet room flooring provides you with 10-15 years of manufacturer warranty. We use Altro wet room flooring which is the best quality and has been extensively tested with a range of footwear and contaminants. This wet room flooring has been proven safe and comfortable on barefoot with sustained slip resistance in both wet and dry environments. It is also resistant to damage from outdoor shoes proving its durability and performance.

Other benefits include;

  • Easy cleaning
  • Hygienic
  • Practical
  • 15 years life expectancy
  • 36 colour choices
  • Tonal chips options

You will have a wide variety of colour choices for your wet room flooring, inclusive of soft warm colour shades that are perfect for bathroom and shower adaptations in domestic bathrooms.

As part of your FREE home design consultation, our technical surveyor will show you the range for you to pick whichever suits your taste and design requirements.

See our wet room flooring page here.

How often should a wet room floor be changed?

Wet room flooring should be changed when it starts to lift, is sunken in places, is leaking or there is a musty smell. Our wet room flooring provides you with 10 -15 years of manufacturer’s guarantee so you can be reassured that you have a practical and long-lasting solution installed by our professional specialist team.

What is the wet room installation cost?

Our Wet Rooms start from £4995 and Wet Room flooring prices start from £695.

Don’t forget you may be eligible for a government grant to cover the costs of your bathroom adaptations when you are requiring this work due to an age-related mobility need or disability. Please see our other blog page on grants available to you here.

We have had the pleasure of helping our valued customers live independently and more comfortably with our mobility bathing solutions. Often we hear that our customer’s current bathroom is not meeting their needs and requirements and they are finding bathing and showering more difficult to manage due to their limited mobility.

This is where we at Assisted Living can help you, as our aim is to provide you with the most cost-effective mobility bathing solutions to maintain your independence at home and improve your quality of life.

See our customer transformations page for real examples of our wet room transformations.