Why a walk-in bath is good for your? Featuring the Haworth deep soak walk in bath by assisted living bathrooms

Why a walk-in bath is good for you – Bathing has so many health benefits including improving pain and discomfort. Our main aim at Assisted Living is to provide you with a safe and accessible walk-in-bath solution so you can reap the many health benefits bathing brings.

Health benefits of bathing include;

  • regulating your mood
  • providing relief from colds and flu
  • soothing muscle aches and pains
  • improve flexibility and mobility

In particular, warm water can help to relax the muscles alleviating the pain and discomfort that is felt from conditions such as arthritis.

Disability bathing aids, such as walk-in-baths are a perfect solution for the elderly, those with disabilities and mobility concerns, to independently enjoy the physical, mental, and therapeutic benefits of bathing.

Imagine enjoying a lavender infused bubble bath, in one of our deep-soak baths!

Good for the brain–  Having a warm bath has been found to have many cognitive benefits as heat causes an increase in blood flow to the brain which supports its functioning. Sourced from Psychology Today ‘A 2016 investigation found passive heat therapy had several health benefits, including improved cardiovascular function and reduced blood pressure and arterial stiffness.

Good for the body– A study of more than 30,000 people in Japan helps to determine that bathing daily gave you 28% less chance of developing cardiovascular disease and 26% less likelihood of developing a stroke compared with those who bathed less than twice a week.

Good for the soul- Pathways in the brain that regulate your mood such as serotonin transmitters have been found to increase when core body temperature is raised, indicating that a warm soak in the bath can do wonders for your happy hormones! A study of individuals with depression who bathed twice a week for 20 minutes in a hot bath (approx. 104 degrees) scored lower on a scale measuring depressive symptoms compared to individuals who exercised for 40-50 minutes twice a week published by BMC Psychiatry.

Good for sleep- Studies have found that taking a warm bath or shower before bed can increase sleep cycle length and quality. How about including some aromatherapy essential oils or bath salts into your bath water, and see how this can further increase feelings of relaxation which signals the brain its time to wind down and produce hormones responsible for sleep regulation.

An analysis of 13 different studies, published in Sleep Medicine Reviews, backs this up, finding that taking a warm bath or shower before bed led people to sleep longer overall and report better sleep quality. According to some of the data, spending as little as 10 minutes in water around 104°F an hour or two before bed decreased the time it took to doze off by nearly 9 minutes.

Imagine enjoying a lavender infused bubble bath, in one of our deep-soak baths! You have no worries for your safety, as your new bathroom has been designed to protect and support you whilst bathing.

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Living with limited mobility should not stop you from enjoying a nice warm bath to feel more relaxed, and improve your physical health ready for a good night’s sleep!

Call our friendly team today who will be more than happy to help you transform your existing bathroom into one that is safe and accessible with one of our walk-in bath packages so you enjoy the many health benefits of bathing again.

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