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There are a few options available to you to help with the costs of any adaptations you need to have installed in your home to make it safer and easier for you to live comfortably.

Your local council can offer a home care needs assessment service where they will recommend changes that can help you with your concerns around mobility and make your living environment more safe and accessible.

This assessment is free and you can call your local council to book this or do this online.

This assessment will take place at your home by an occupational therapist and they will assess your needs and any everyday tasks that you are finding difficult. This usually takes about an hour.

If you need assistance in making this call or require support whilst you have the assessment, ask a friend or relative to be with you or there are advocates available who can help you to fill out any forms and speak on your behalf. Please speak with the council to arrange this.

Follow this link for more information and to apply on the GOV website click here

Examples of small changes that can be made following your assessment include installing household mobility aids such as;

  • Ramps
  • Bed hoists
  • Step rails
  • Grab rails
  • Fitting a stairlift
  • Fitting a banister
  • Installing bath lifts
  • Lowering kitchen worktops

Your local council will pay for these adaptations if the cost is less than £1,000 and the assessment you have had done advises these changes should be made, this will then be supplied and fitted free of charge. 

For much larger, more expensive renovations to your home such as installing a Wet Room you can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant on the GOV.UK website to cover the costs of the work required. Click here to find more information and to apply online.

You could receive a Disabled Facilities grant if you have a disability or age related need for home adaptions such as having an accessible walk in shower, walk in bath or wet room installed.

Other eligibility criteria include;

  • If you have a learning disability
  • If you have a cognitive impairment, like dementia
  • If have a progressive condition, like motor neurone disease
  • If you have a terminal illness
  • If you have a mental health condition

In order to receive this grant you must intend to live at the property for at least 5 years and must be either the owner, tenant or landlord.

The council will need to determine that the work is necessary and appropriate for the disabled person’s needs and that the works can be carried out reasonably taking into consideration the age and condition of the property. If the council asks you to apply for planning permission or have the works approved by building regulations you will be able to use the grant towards these fees.

How do I apply?

Apply through your local council and they must give you a decision within 6 months.

If you require help in making this application, please visit Foundations who can help you.

Foundations is a national body for Home Improvement Agencies (HIA). They can assist you in finding the specific support you need to adapt your home to meet your accessibility needs and requirements.

What other options do I have?

All financial help for the disabled detailed below can be found on on GOV website.

NO VAT added – You will be exempt from paying VAT if you are having a new bathroom installed or adapted because of your mobility concerns, which helps bring the overall cost down for you.

Council tax reduction under the disabled band reduction scheme 


Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Attendance Allowance

Health conditions, disability and Universal Credit

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